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...Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.” Romans 4:7

If you are like me, then you have done things to others that have required you to ask for forgiveness. I think about past events in my life, and I shake my head at my wickedness. God continues to work on me, and I pray to mature moment by moment to be conformed into His image. I still have a lot of changing to do, but am grateful for God’s forgiveness and that I am not what I used to be.

I was not the nicest guy in high school, and I know my mouth and actions have hurt a lot of people. I really didn’t care about the feelings I trampled on, and I was always quick with the tongue. I often wondered if I would be called by Sally Jesse Raphael to appear on a talk show entitled, “Look At Me Now” so I could be confronted by someone who was now successful in spite of my bullying. I look back on these years, and I have regrets about who and what I was. I have run into some of these old schoolmates and asked forgiveness for my deeds. I have even asked my old youth pastor for forgiveness as I was not part of his fan club, and I quite honestly despised him. I have been forgiven by all whom I have asked, and I am grateful for their forgiveness.

What an awesome feeling it is to be forgiven and to know people can look past your faults. I cannot think of a greater feeling than the forgiveness of Almighty God - the God I have trespassed against, and the God I am prone to leave - the God who has covered my sin with His blood and loved me in spite of my wickedness. I hear people throwing around the term “blessed”, but truly blessed are those that are forgiven by God.

Friend, where are you today? Do you have a relationship with God in that you know your sins are forgiven? Are you living a blessed life? May we revel and rest in the forgiveness of our sin, and may we always keep our account current with Him.

Stay in the fight!


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