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It Sure Is Hot!

“Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be [tenderhearted], be courteous:” I Peter 3:8

It is said that tough times bring out the worst in people, but it can also be said it just shows what’s already inside of people. Jim Berg uses the reference of a tea bag, and describes when a tea bag is put into hot water, it simply reveals what is inside. The hot water only draws out what is already in the tea bag, and we are the exact same way. What’s inside will always come out, and sometimes our true self comes out in the most unwelcome of times.

We are currently experiencing a time in our history that is unprecedented for as long as I have been alive. We are faced with a pandemic that is affecting everyone in the whole world. We are being told to not assemble in groups and some have lost their jobs and others have been relegated to work at home. We are seeing empty shelves at the grocery store and empty lanes on the roadways and freeways. We see basic goods such as beans, rice, and water become scarce, and we also see the emptying of toiletries in the stores.

It was recently reported that someone was hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer and selling it for exuberant prices. They were arrested, but I am sure they were not the only one. We have seen others fighting over toilet paper in the aisles of the store, and people fist-fighting with store employees. It seems the world has gone mad over basic things that now seem to be of grave importance. There is a lack of compassion by some and a loss of love for others. Care for others has taken a backseat and the love of self has propelled itself to the front of the crowd. Although it seems the world at large has gone mad, there are still some who seek to make a positive difference and have compassion on others. There are some who have checked on others’ well-being, and some who have met needs due to their love of others over their love of self.

As Christians, our mindset should always be to have compassion on others, and love as we have been loved. We should not be fighting in the stores, and we should not selfishly hoard supplies. We are to be courteous, loving and compassionate, so where are you today Christian? Do you seek your own abundance over the need for others? Are you using this time to help others or have you quarantined yourself to the point of meeting your own needs while ignoring the needs of others? May we be the light to a dark world, and may we follow the lead of our Savior who sought to seek and to save that which was lost. He went out of His way to seek the sick, and He did not shun those who sought Him. Will you make an eternal impact in a hot water situation or will you selfishly spoil your opportunity? May the light of our God shine brightly through us, and may we honor Him especially in this time.

Stay in the fight! Saso

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